Sunday, January 01, 2012

Teachers on the Edge ....of insanity!

I don't know about other teachers out there, but I am often at my "edge" these days. I find I can't do as good a job as I want to do. I am being harrassed to do more and more paperwork (being in Special Education in a monitoring year doesn't help!). And testing duties don't help, either. It is pretty crazy and it's making me tend that way also. I wish someone would make a movie like "To Sir with Love" or "Up the Down Staircase" about what it's like to be a teacher in today's schools. It seems like the public doesn't really know how schools really work right now. If they did, wouldn't they protest, if only to keep their children safe from it all? Are there any careers out there that are NOT crazy? I'm guessing most people have their own tales of how bad the workplace can be. Maybe we could share some stories. Hope all of us have a better 2012 than 2011 has been! Shalom. Karen