Monday, October 15, 2007

Environmental Blogging day

Today is blog action day, to talk about environment. I feel pretty sad about the environmental spiral we are in as a globe. Here are my contributions, plus and minus:
I work online, so I don't commute
I turn off things when not using them
I am considering moving someplace so nobody in the house would need to commute
I use conserving lightbulbs (at least I've started)
I contribute to Sierra Club monthly
I help students who are interested in environment to do projects on the topic and learn more
I recycle
I drive a Civic
I write e-mails in support of environmental causes
I own a pool and use chemicals!
House insulation needs work, as do windows
Our house is too big for the number of people who live here, so I should downsize
I'm not very active in environmental causes, and I don't concentrate on this field very well

What are your contributions? Maybe you could give me some ideas!