Sunday, May 24, 2009

The End of the School Year- exciting and disappointing

May is crazy in schools, and ours is maybe even extra crazy. Most of my student's projects were year-long, so they are trying to finish up almost all of their school projects in 2 weeks! Plus I need to write 3 senior Special Ed "out-take" reports, lots of progress reports, print up transcripts, do ending rubrics, etc. etc.

I am sad that lots of my hoped-for changes didn't occur. I wanted to be more free from timelogs, more outcome-based, with students that were able to demonstrate their progress in all sorts of new ways. I had hoped they would be using Write Online for help with spelling and organizing, with hints from me in Wordbars. I had hoped the seniors would be pretty well done instead of ....hopeful but fairly far from the end of their schooling.

However, I am happy that we tried some new things, and that many students progressed in all sorts of ways, from social, to speaking in front of groups, to improving in reading, writing and math. Just surviving the school year is an accomplishment, and our spring celebration went great!

I hope all of you had some great things happen as well!