Saturday, June 12, 2010

End of another school year

I notice that I only post at the beginning and end of school years. I guess that's one way to see how much "progress" I have made- look at beginning goals, see if I met them.

Our school started its own facebook fan page, so I guess that's interactive. I never figured out how to sort through twitter regularly- there's sooo much stuff out there I don't know about or use! But in some ways I realize that lots of it isn't all that wonderful. It still comes down to relationships- student/student, student/teacher, teacher/teacher. I like that our school emphasizes this. We do field trips, morning advisory meetings where we really talk about our interests, and build projects around things students love.

I had a student graduate who never thought she would make it. She did a project around having a baby- pregnancy things, child development things, purchasing things (she said comparison shopping was one of the biggest things she learned from the project). She learned about smoking effects on her baby and quit smoking even! So- maybe high tech isn't so much necessary as interesting and novel. Maybe we are "education on the edge" because this relationship strand is the backbone of our school.

Thanks to all who came before me in this project-based line of schooling. I'm grateful!